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Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a wedding can be a beautiful experience and planning a destination wedding can be an even more wonderful exciting task! It can also be stressful, costly, difficult and exhausting-it should not be stressful, but it can be. We want to help you avoid negative aspects and emerge on your wedding day as a well prepared, relaxed and happy person.

Take a moment to peruse through some of our most frequently asked questions…

My neighbor loves to plan parties for her children. She is very organized and offered to plan our wedding as her gift to us! Why should we hire a professional coordinator over her?

First, it was very generous for her to offer this! Wedding planning is a process that is time intensive, requires much knowledge and is not to be taken lightly. Although we applaud those that enjoy planning events as a hobby (we started out this way as well), professional planning is simply unparalleled. Orchid Island Events is made up of a team of trained professionals that live the wedding business daily. We are kept up-to-date on trends through continuing education, we make it our duty to be well acquainted with local vendors, and we have developed relationships with venues, service providers and those in the industry and can therefore provide the best possible suggestions for your unique event. We provide the best possible suggestions for your unique event by staying up-to-date on trends through continuing education, staying acquainted with local vendors, and developing relationships with venues and service providers.

Most importantly, this is our job. We plan events as a career. This is not a pit stop to an ultimate destination; coordination and design are in our hearts and we wish to share our love of this industry and this beautiful area with you to create a wedding with memories to last a lifetime!

What exactly is wedding “design”?

Design is a term that can describe many elements; wedding and event design sets the tone of an entire event. Orchid Island specializes in both coordination and design meaning we coordinate with vendors, people, places, etc. to create a smooth, well-run event, as well as create an atmosphere that suits your desires through the use of flowers, color schemes, themes, and other elements. The overall design and feeling of the wedding or event is what your guests will take away with them and remember forever. Just as an interior designer creates a space that has complimenting colors and elements, an event designer creates an event that is congruent all the way through.

What is a wedding day timeline?

On your wedding day there will be many things happening behind the scenes that you should NOT have to worry about. It is our job to develop a timeline that depicts vendor arrival times, set-up times, etc. as well as outline the ceremony and reception. Using this time line we will correspond with your vendors to create a well planned event. The time line is comprised of information the bride has given us, information we gather from vendors and our own experience and knowledge with the venue.  Think of it as a script to an award winning play!

Do you provide references?

We do! We provide many letters of reference and email addresses from previous clients that asked to be references.   As of May 2011, we began using Wedding Wire to allow our brides to share their thoughts and feelings on their wedding experience. We do not provide phone numbers so that our previous brides are not bothered, but we happily supply other means of contact. It is our pleasure to have a potential client check on our superior reputation!  We are also happy to refer you to fellow vendors that can assure you of our quality of work and the professional, genuine manner in which we handle our precious brides and their families.

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