For the Mothers

Dear Mothers, Grandmothers, Future Mother-in-Laws and Women Close to the Heart of the Bride,

Finding your role in the wedding planning process can be difficult. Whether you are the mother of the bride, her future mother-in-law, an aunt, grandmother or serve another role in the Bride’s life, you may feel that although you have advice and ideas to share, your thoughts may not be welcomed if she has hired a wedding planner. We are here to tell you this simply is not true! The Orchid Island team blends the right brain of creativity with the left brain of organization and logistics; we want to help make YOUR life easier and preserve your relationship with the Bride. So, you lean on us too! Ask questions, share thoughts and participate-this is your memory making experience as well. We will handle the heavy lifting, the details and the running around so you can actually enjoy the moments. Share your ideas with us and through our relationship we can help incorporate your ideas and present your thoughts to the Bride in such a way that everyone is happy as she walks down the aisle.